Muns Techniek is proud partner of Wind & Water Works

Recently Muns Techniek has been accepted as partner of the new cooperation between the Dutch government and Dutch businesses. The aim is to realise international ambitions. The Dutch have an incredible experience with innovative projects both above and below sea level. Do you want to know more about the Wind and Water Works? Check the website:

As Muns Techniek we only have 30 years of experience, but our projects are always innovative and result in easy-to-operate equipment. Also we have great ambitions. We aim to develop high-quality hydraulic systems and controls, which withstand extraordinary stresses for use in new technologies. Check our website for some of our challenging projects.

Our unique proposition is the intelligent integration of hydraulic and electric systems, which reduces the coordinating efforts of our customers between different disciplines.

Do you want to know more about our intelligent solutions? Give us a call: +31 183 30 70 00

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