Integrated solutions with Electric – Hydraulic controls

Muns Techniek is a system integrator for Hydraulic systems and Electrical controls. With more than 25 years of experience we offer Hydraulic and Electric Solutions for projects in the Maritime, Offshore and Industry.

From single solutions like hydraulic winches to complete turn-key projects as jack-up systems, Muns Techniek is the ambitious partner to integrate customer demands into motion technology.

One of the strengths of Muns Techniek is the capability to integrate hydraulic power with intelligent electric control and software into a full operational system. Muns Techniek has proven to be able to contribute from the initial concept to the final commissioning and operation of a project.

Muns Techniek aims to develop solutions which are not only durable, but which also contribute in making processes economical, flexible, environmentally sustainable and completely controllable.

“For our customers it is very important to rely on the hydraulic systems in their installations. We spare no effort to make that possible.”

Customers satisfaction is the key-factor for the business strategy of Muns Techniek. With state-of-the-art solutions like our own developed HMI (Human Machine Interface) we keep serving our customers at the highest level. Muns Techniek invests continuously in research and development and in the training and ongoing education of its employees.

Muns Techniek BV

Power, control and clear user interfaces are important criteria in hydraulic systems. Muns Techniek delivers its in-house developed powerful HMI (Human Machine Interface).

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