Muns Techniek is a system integrator for Hydraulic systems and Electrical controls. With more than 25 years of experience we offer Hydraulic and Electric Solutions for projects in the Maritime, Offshore and Industry.

Hydraulic and Electric Controls

Hydraulics are essential in modern machines and constructions. It can transmit high forces, guarantees torque in confined spaces and ensures that movements can be accurately controlled. However, every industry and every application has different requirements for a hydraulic system in terms of complexity, power and dimensions. Muns Techniek develops and supplies complete hydraulic systems from small power packs to customized lifting systems.

Hydraulic piping and tanks in a pumproom
Operating panel running Muns Operating System

Our strength lies particularly in the development of complete hydraulic systems with intelligent electrical control and software systems. These are used in the dredging and in the offshore market whether in marine or mechanical engineering. In recent years Muns Techniek has specialized primarily in outstanding solutions for offshore applications such as jack-up vessels or wind-turbine installation ships.
As the requirements for modern vessels and machinery constantly increase, we also increase our standards. We aim to develop systems which are not only durable and loadable but which also contribute in making processes economical, flexible, environmentally sustainable and completely controllable.

Because the requirements for modern ships and machines are constantly increasing, we are also raising our standards. We want to develop systems that are not only sustainable, but also contribute to making processes economical, flexible, environmentally friendly and fully manageable.

We work closely with other experienced hydraulic suppliers. This gives us excellent market knowledge and extensive production competence. We supply national and international manufacturers with high-quality and proven hydraulic products and systems. Our in-house developed HMI (Human Machine Interface) is the most important key between the operator and the motion equipment. Visualization and integration of processes makes it possible to control extremely high forces and movements in an understandable way.


Our 3-D system engineering forms the basis for a successful project.
All system developments including full production and assembly drawings are carried out in-house using state-of-the-art 3D-CAD and simulation programs. This enables us to design and produce complex systems quickly and efficiently.

Drawing pumproom
Hydraulic manifolds


Demanding applications require intelligent control systems.
Hydraulic systems in vessels or other mechanical constructions are designed to operate under extreme, all considered environmental conditions and over long periods. Our tailor-made manifold blocks enable the monitoring of many different hydraulic functions. They are in general very compact, which makes them extremely efficient.
Every part is controlled by our intelligent control management system. This guarantees a smooth, efficient handling of the jacking cylinders and locking pins in a jack-up installation under the most diverse conditions.


Our in-house production facility provides us with the opportunity to act as flexible as possible to our customers. We are able to produce hydraulic oil reservoirs, HPU’s, piping, skids, electrical control cabinets, electrical control panels, motor starter cabinets, etc. For every project we determine which strategy to follow in regards of own production of outsourcing. By acting in this way Muns Techniek stays in control of your project.

Starterboxes for electric motors

Jacking System

Continuous jacking system was developed by Muns Techniek to increase the efficiency in which installation vessels operate. Lifting speeds up to 1,5 m/min are achieved easily.

Comparison single and dual jacking ring

A comparison of the difference in speed between a single ring system and a dual ring system. Of course both systems have advantages and disadvantages. Let our specialist advise you about this.

Composition Jack up dual jacking ring

Take a close look at all the parts of the dual ring system. It has all been carfully designed by our skilled engineers to meet your tough requirements.