Re-activated Jack-up rig

Muns Techniek is a system integrator for Hydraulic systems and Electrical controls. With more than 25 years of experience we offer Hydraulic and Electric Solutions for projects in the Maritime, Offshore and Industry.


Our end customer owns an old jack-up rig that has been “cold-stacked” out of use for more than 4 years. As a result of changing market demands, our customer initiated to “activate” the rig again but with a different purpose. Muns Techniek was asked to perform a complete conversion of the hydraulic jacking system.

Rack and pinion hydraulic jack-up
Hydraulic and electric control of the jack-up rig

Muns Techniek solution

First of all, we replaced the old rusty piping on deck with new stainless steel piping. We then completely replaced the old operating system with modern components. A lot of wiring could be eliminated through a network of PLCs, and with the help of our (own development) Muns Operating System and HMI the jack-up rig can last for many years.

Benefits: Innovation

The latest techniques and technologies have been implemented. With the support of the internet we can, if necessary, offer full remote support to the crew.


Customer was very impressed of the easy-to-use Muns Operating System and the user-friendliness of the HMI.
Commissioning was carried out completely in accordance with the pre-set time plan.

Control panel using our own HMI software