Modified tensile tester

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Our customer had a functioning tensile tester that was in need of replacement of the HPU and control. The tester had worked for a long time, but started to show its age. With the replacement of the control system, the customer wished to upgrade the system to a more modern version.

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Muns Techniek solution

To revise and modernise the HPU and control system, Muns Techniek replaced the existing system using two separate motors that were activated depending on the need with one motor operated by a variable speed drive. The previous components used for the regulation of the system were replaced by a PLC. The control panel has been upgraded to include a touchscreen panel with the Muns Operating System, our own HMI (Human Machine Interface) software.

Benefits: Innovation

The modernising and upgrading of the HPU and electric control has the advantage of making operation more controlled. The inclusion of the touchscreen gives the operator more information of the status and operation of the tensile tester.


The system has been cleaned, modernized and upgraded. It now allows for more versatile operation and has added function, such as allowing for a number of pre-saved settings for different materials, that were previously not available.