Integration survey data

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Jack-up systems place the legs of a ship at the bottom of the sea. The strength of this soil has been partially mapped by so-called survey companies. The accuracy here is often insufficient, with the risk that the legs sink (too) deep into the seabed. During the positioning of the ship on the seabed, our customer was constantly bothered with necessary manual calculations to ensure the stability of the (standing) ship.

Muns Techniek solution

We were asked to propose a solution for this additional effort and since we saw this as a great challenge, we immediately started creating ideas. The result was a real-time visualization of the forces in the soil with respect to the penetration of the legs into the seabed.

Benefits: Innovation

Since the actual forces relative to the expected bottom strength are shown with a clear visualization, the captain has more certainty about the correct stability of the ship standing high on its legs on the seabed.

Jacking system cylinder displacement is used in combination with the survey data
Gathered data is combined with the survey data and displayed on screen


Peace of mind at the customer because of the “real-time” image, and no more “stressful” calculations to check stability.