HPU and Winches

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Our customer was in need of an HPU to control a number of winches. The customer already had an unused HPU with corresponding control cabinet, and winches that could be used. The HPU had never been used or tested, and the winches and HPU both needed to be revised and modified to fit the intended purpose.

Hydraulic winch before modification
Winch and corresponding HPU after modification

Muns Techniek solution

Our engineers and mechanics overhauled and modified the HPU, and modified and tested the control cabinet. The electro motor of the HPU was replaced with a different one to meet the requirements, and specially developped valve blocks were added. The complete unit was mounted in a container for easy transportation.

The winches were also modified to better align with the requirements. The existing flexible hydraulic hoses were replaced with hard piping and valves.

Benefits: Innovation

As per customer request, the unit was designed in such a way that it can easily be integrated in their existing system. The unit was outfitted with specific hydraulic and electrical connection points for such a purpose. Additionally, a local control box was made that can control four winches separately. This control box easily connects to the outside of the container, if necessary. 


The containerized HPU is now suitable for the intended use. It is capable of controlling up to four winches simultaneously, and it can be connected to the existing system using the included signal cables. The winches can be connected to the HPU through the hydraulic connections on the outside of the container. 

The local control box allows one operator to locally control the winches. Valves on the HPU and the winches allow the operator to use the winches in normal mode or in CT (constant tensioning) mode. 

Setup HPU and Winches