Increased lifting capacity Aeolus van van Oord

Muns Techniek increases lifting capacity of van Oord’s Aeolus

With the recent modification of the Aeolus, where the crane capacity was increased to 1.600 tonnes and the accommodation was expanded to 99, the vessels jacking capacity also needed an upgrade.
As Muns Techniek is the original supplier of the jacking system, we were asked to perform this important part of the vessels modification. After a long preparation period that included a lot of engineering, reviewing of material specifications and software modifications Muns Techniek was able to deliver an upgraded system. The new system is capable of lifting an increased total weight, which is 40% heavier compared to the original design. The major part of the modification is due to intelligent control software. This is one of the known unique selling points of Muns Techniek.

At Muns Techniek we are proud that due to the good cooperation with the project team at van Oord the harbor and sea trials for the jacking system went according to the pre-determined commissioning planning. We would like to thank van Oord for giving us this opportunity and the professional team work. And of course, we wish the crew a safe journey and success at the Norther OWF project.