Muns Techniek performs winch overhaul

After 13 year of continuous operation on board of one of her vessels our customer asked us to assist during a preventive maintenance period for the overhaul of two spud winches. The winches were originally designed, produced and delivered by Muns Techniek. After the winches arrived in our workshop a thorough inspection was carried out and a repair plan was discussed with the customer. All parts were disassembled and cleaned; an inspection report was made up and the necessary parts were made or procured.

After re-assembly the winches were tested again, and finally the preservation was renewed. Both winches are as good as new again, and it is hard to tell the difference between the original delivery pictures from 2006 and the current status of the winch. Our customer was completely satisfied. We hope our customer can work with the winches for at least another 13 years without any problems.

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