Muns Techniek integrates hose reel system in HMI

Muns Techniek received the question from one of the customers to solve the drive control problem of the hose reels. The hose reels guide the tubes which are installed in the poles of a jacking vessel. These tubes transport flushing liquid which will flow below the spud cans resulting mud and other sticky material to release from the spud cans. The problem was that the drives did not synchronize sufficient in order to follow the movement of the poles. This synchronization issue often resulted in breaking of the tubes with tremendous costs as a result.

The hose reels were electrically driven. Muns Techniek developed a simulation installation in their production facilities in order to integrate the electrical hose reel drive into the HMI of Muns Techniek. The test succeeded and the integration of the drives has been succesfully executed on the jacking vessel.

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